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where we are

Alexandra alexandra metcalf  North London, UK  Jan 22
Jody Jody Kuchar Racine, WI, USA Jan 23
Suzie suzie swain Queensland, Australia Jan 26
Allan allan pantuck  Los Angeles, CA, USA Feb 4
Pat  Pat Farrington Ft. Collins, CO, USA Feb 6
Ellie Ellie Burkey NYC, USA Feb 9
Paul Paul Smith Grass Valley, CA, USA Feb 24
Ron Ron Hudson North Carolina, USA Mar 26
Chrissy  Chrissy K Sydney, Australia  Apr 16
Marnie  m d Manila, the Phillipines Apr 24
Brian Brian Svedberg Seattle, USA May 6
Charoo charoo prabhakar  Jaipur, India May 12
Duncan  Duncan Bridgeman UK May 18
Paula  paula voelker Hannover, Germany  May 19
Anni Anne-Mari Jakobson Estonia June 6
Ian Ian Gray Melbourne, Australia July 6
Elki Elki Matrix Adelaide, Australia July 29
Jamie  Jamie Catto UK  Aug 14
Gary Gary Wingert San Francisco, CA, USA Aug 27
Peter Peter Schramm Nelson, BC, Canada Sept 7
Rishe Rishe G Australia  Sept 11
Sue Susan Mair Queensland, Australia Sept 13
Damo  Damian Robertson Scotland, UK Oct 26
Omraya Omraya Matrix Adelaide, Australia Oct 29
Susan  susan  Heidelberg, Germany Nov 8
Anthony Anthony Lee UK Nov 16
Paula S. Paula Sousa Portugal Dec 31
Amy Amy Robins Gloucester, UK

Dec 31

Hud Hud Saunders
TR Ruddick TR Dayton, OH, USA


Tatina Tatina Lieberherr Switzerland

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